French Language Homestay Program

                            Full Board                       Half Board

                                          1 person    2 people                 1 person      2 people

10 hours of instruction              990 Euros   1395 Euros               865 Euros     1120 Euros

15 hours of instruction            1100 Euros   1535 Euros               975 Euros     1280 Euros

20 hours of instruction             1210 Euros   1675 Euros               1085 Euros   1380 Euros

French Culural Homestay Program*

                                Full Board                        Half Board

                                          1 Person    2 People               1 Person    2 People

                                             1385 euros   1760 euros              1260 Euros    1505 Euros

French Cooking  Homestay Program

1 person             2 people

 1150 euros          1590 euros

A La Carte

The price will vary according to the number of participants and the chosen activities.

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 10% discount for stays of 4 weeks or longer.

 10% discount for stays in the months of November, December, January, and February

Homestay accommodation is available from the Sunday after 5:00 before the course starts until the following  Saturday after breakfast. In order that we have enough time to prepare for your stay, it is important that you do not arrive in Aix before 5 PM on Sunday. If this does not coincide with your flight schadule, may we suggest that you arrive the day before and book a hôtel room. Students staying for longer than  one week are welcome to continue their stay at our house  and have meals with our family during the weekend at no  extra charge.

Not included are the costs to movies, theater outings, restaurants, concerts, museum fees etc. *An exception to this is the French Culture Homestay Program. Admissions fees are covered in this program, however the restaurant meals are not.

Students are responsible for any bank charges incurred when sending a foreign draft or when using a bank transfer for payment . Those charges are above and beyond the prices stated above.