French Cooking Homestay Program

French Cooking Homestay Program

French homestay tutor cookingCooking is one of my favorite pastimes. I like to cook meals and share them with my family and friends.  I also like to acquaint my homestay visitors with the French cuisine. In this program I will suggest different  French meals that we will make together. I am particularly fond of la cuisine bourgeoise traditionnelle, la cuisine provençale, et la cuisine lyonnaise. You will come with me to the markets, meet my favorite venders, and prepare the meals with me as you learn how to prepare these delightful recipes. You will then relax and enjoy the meal we have created together. 

As with all of our programs, the homestay portion begins on Sunday after 5 pm and ends on Saturday after breakfast. The French Cooking Homestay Program consists of three days of cooking experiences (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday). The other days are open, giving you time to explore the region as you wish. This cooking program is available throughout the year. It is a wonderful opportunity to practice your French as you have fun learning about the French cuisine, however the program can be conducted in French, English, or a combination of the two as you wish. Choose the season when your favorite produce is ripening, then come and enjoy a culinary experience with me!

French Cooking Homestay Program - apricot tart

French Cooking Homestay Program - Tarte aux fraises

French Cooking Homestay Program - fish

French Cooking Homestay Program - Saint-Jacques de Noël